about the lifestyle

LS stands for "lifestyle", or is a modern term for "swingers". There have been many definitions and books written about the LS, and it all comes down to this – it is whatever you want it to be.

What We Mean By "Outside the Box"

Outside of the box could be anything from dressing sexy and being flirtatious in a non judgemental environment. For some it is the thrill of being watched, watching, or any sort of swapping between couples and singles. Some people are in open marriages, some couples have very distinct rules and some have very few.

In short, because communication is so important in the LS, if you are curious what someone is “in to” just ask! Everyone loves talking about what they like and will gladly tell you their boundaries.

“We love the degree of sexiness the lifestyle adds to our relationship and recommend that other couples talk about and explore it with Epic!”

— anonymous, Epic LS Attendee

If you are considering attending an event, and are new to the LS, think about your fantasies, your boundaries, and if you are willing to say it out loud, it just might come true!

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