party etiquette

Please make sure you are familiar with the expected etiquette at Epic LS events and any other lifestyle party. If everyone follows the rules, we all maximize our fun in a safe and sexy environment.

No Means No

As is in vanilla life, in the lifestyle, NO MEANS NO. This is something we take very seriously, and have a zero tolerance policy at all of our events. Do not assume because of the way a person is dressed, their behavior or their flirtatious nature indicates “YES”. Only yes means yes. Always ask, communicate, and understand that if someone is not interested in you, do not take it personally. Our events host a lot of people, so simply move on to the next person.

It is ok to want to be verbally flirty, but if you don’t know someone that well, remember that uninvited and/or non-consensual touching or grabbing will not be tolerated at all and will be alerted to security and/or the authorities.

Zero Tolerance for Illegal Activities

We have a zero tolerance policy for drug use or other illegal activities. You will be escorted out of the event if you are caught using, or are under the influence of drugs, or participating in illegal activities.

“My wife and I absolutely love it when a complete stranger walks up uninvited and shoves his tongue down her throat.”

— said No One, EVER
Drink Responsibly

We are aware that new social situations can trigger people to drink more, but understand that drunk is not sexy. Just as we have outlined previously, the lifestyle holds some of the most communicative and respectful people, and these people will avoid you if they feel you are drinking too heavily and cannot fully consent to any play, and they will move on to someone who is able to fully consent. If it is in your nature to drink when nervous, be self aware, tell a friend who can get you coffee, keep hydrated with water, and always make sure you have safe, sober, sexy encounters.

Be Respectful

Respectful is sexy. That includes fellow party-goers, our staff, and security. Respectful can mean many things from avoiding excess drinking, being polite to all attendees, avoid talking or laughing in areas where others are playing, keeping your phone in your pocket and DO NOT take any pictures or videos without permission.

Be Courteous

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Remember people have uncertainties and fears, and it might take a lot for someone to approach you. If you are uninterested in someone that is courteous and polite, please remember to be courteous and polite in kind. We all want to be treated courteously – with kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty, tact, understanding and sensitivity. If someone is treating you disrespectfully, let your hosts know or security.

Be Friendly

You may not be attracted to everyone you talk to at an event, but you really never know until you talk. Remember this is a small community, and treating people poorly or disrespectfully gets around. Always be polite, as the person you are talking to – and currently not interested in – may be friends with someone whom you are in fact, interested in. Not only for hook-up purposes, but be friendly because it makes a more inclusive and fun environment. Our community is amazing – get to know people!

Be Responsible

Always practice safe sex. If you are bringing someone new to the lifestyle, make sure they are fully informed. You are responsible for your guests, and we want them to feel comfortable and have a good time.

Respect Privacy

Although we encourage you to invite all your friends into this sexy new world, remember to respect the privacy of our members by only talking about your experience in an anonymous fashion so as not to compromise anyone’s true identities. Also, never assume that pictures are acceptable, even if you have consent of everyone with whom you’re playing – people in the background may have a different view; leave your cell phone in your pocket. Discretion is what we want for you, and what everyone wants from each other.

Report Any Concerns Immediately

If you encounter any problems or difficulties while enjoying our community, please bring it to the attention of your hosts or security, who will deal with it immediately.

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